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HAY straws Blog Post - Biden's Big Climate Bill In a Nutshell

Sep 18, 2022

Biden’s Big Climate Budget In A Nutshell

A breakdown of President Biden’s $375 billion climate spending package, why it’s important, and how it can be better. 

Apr 30, 2021

The Sustainable Bartender Turning Food Waste Into Taste

Meet Renato Tonelli - Sustainable Bartender.  Renato has years of experience in mixology, has lived and worked in multiple cities around the world, and is as passionate about creating amazing cocktails as he is for sustainable practices in all facets of the industry. He is working to equip home mixologists and professionals alike with the techniques and strategies to reduce the world's food waste from bars, restaurants, and households - We did a Q&A with Renato to learn more about his passion for turning food waste into delicious drinks. We hope it inspires you to get creative in the kitchen and behind the bar!

Jul 24, 2018

Was It Your Straw in That Turtle’s Nose?

It’s no secret that plastic pollution is directly responsible for the deaths of animals in all types of ecosystems. Though it’s easy to look away from such distressing sights, it’s in the best interest of the entire planet to face it head-on, and to decide to do something about it. Here are just a few ways wildlife is being impacted by our plastic problem, and what you can do today to make the change you want to see.

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