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Wrapped Original HAY! Straws

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Individually wrapped Tall - 7.75" Original HAY! Straws® are made from natural wheat stems. Individually wrapped in a paper sleeve for convenience and hygiene, making them the best eco-friendly straw for to-go drinks or for states that require wrapped straws. This all natural, 100% compostable drinking straw is available in a 500 Pack of straws or a Wholesale Case of 3000 straws for your mobile food truck, restaurant or bar. 


- Individually wrapped straws. 

- One size: Tall- 7.75".

- Made from natural wheat stems**.

- Straws are 100% compostable and will compost in 42 days.

- Gluten-free verified**.

- Plastic-free packaging.

- Paper wrapper + cardboard packaging are recyclable.

- Inner Diameter 3.5-5mm.

Price Match Guarantee.

Shipping $12.50 per case of 3000 straws within the Continental USA*. Extra shipping charges may apply to Hawaii, Alaska and outlying US Islands. 

**HAY! Straws® are intended to be used as a drinking straws and are not intended to be eaten or digested. HAY! Straws® do not contain gluten as they are made from wheat stems not wheat grain, they are tested as gluten-free. We do not recommend people with wheat or severe hay/grass allergies use the straws.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Otto Schaefer
Lower quality this time.

I buy from you guys for my cocktail bar and have never had any issues. This time the 3 boxes of stir straws had a bynch that were very very slim. I had to sort through them and toss them as they wouldn't even allow pulp from cocktails to pass thru them. I usually do not have this issue this is the first time. The small cocktail straws were still of the same quality I usually get so still happy about those. It's just the stir straws.


These straws at THE BEST. Especially if you have young kids! Or like cocktails…

Thank you so much for your 5 star review, we appreciate the time sharing your thoughts on the Cocktail and Tall HAY! Straws. Our straws do not contain any coatings or waxes, and being all natural, they can be placed in your home compost bin. We estimate they'll breakdown between 2-6 months depending on the conditions. Thank you again.

Lori Regis
Hay Straws

Love them!

Thank you for your time and for reviewing the Tall Original HAY! Straws, we're very proud of them and we're glad you love them too!
These standard size straws (7.75inch) are just fabulous.....They replace plastic straws superbly: they're compostable, they don't harm the environment, they don't have a lingering taste, and many, many more reasons why they're GREAT and why they've become a staple in many bars and restaurants accross the country and beyond. Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate it!

Joel Carney
Wrong item and terrible customer service

We received the wrong straws and customer service is ignoring my request

Yuko Kan
Great product

Thanks for this great product and fast handling.
I proceeded the purchase just before the Chinese new year and they made sure shipment will be done before it got into the long holiday.
Thank you very much !

Anastasia Eremenko
The best straws out there

Tried this straws at the bar and was so impressed by the quality of the straws. Had to order for my household and my friends. Love the company and product!

Thank you for sharing your appreciation, it means a lot for us. We started HAY! Straws to help everyone, from the hospitality industry to our households, ditch plastic straws. And your 50 Pack is a practical way to break free from plastic straws. Don’t forget to compost after use!


I’m so happy I finally find the best sustainable choice for straws. And everyone who tried it always loved it especially in comparison to paper straws) great job Hay straws! Can’t wait to see it everywhere

RIch Newns

Great product

Thank you for your 5-star review and thank you so much for choosing our natural HAY! Straws to replace plastic straws. We’re glad that you’re well stocked with a master case of tall straws, fighting plastic pollution this this Plastic-free July. Cheers!

Perfect for our Office

Everyone in our office loves cutting down on plastic but HATES the feeling of paper straws. So! HAY! has been perfect for everyone. They stay sturdy even if you leave in a drink for hours. They can double as a stirrer for coffee. We're very happy with them!

Exactly, thank you Britain! And HAY! Straws don’t get mushy or dissolve, they don’t have an aftertaste, and are great in hot and cold beverages. Thank you so much for the positive feedback, we appreciate that you guys are cutting down plastic and using HAY! straws. Cheers!

My Bar Customers Love Them!

I run a small cocktail bar and these straws were the prefect alternative to plastic straws. My customers are constantly asking where I got them from! They seem flimsy at first, but they’ve been holding up great in our drinks.

Hi Mitchel, thank you so much for ditching plastic straws with us; and thank you for your time reviewing the short and sturdy cocktail straws, we love your comments! Our straws are sustainable, they hold up great in hot and cold drinks, yes…... and also are excellent conversation starters :) Cheers!

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