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Bamboo Cutlery

HAY! Cutlery is made from all natural, moso bamboo with no additives or coatings; It’s strong, compostable and the best solution to replace single-use plastic utensils. We have bamboo utensils available unwrapped in 250 Packs (bulk) for home or parties' supply; HAY! bamboo cutlery unwrapped also available in Wholesale Case - 1500 pcs, a great option for small, large businesses and high-volume hospitality venues. If your business requires packaged cutlery, get our individually wrapped cutlery sets, packaged in a paper wrapper for convenience: Full Case with 100 Cutlery sets, each set contains 3 bamboo utensils (bamboo spoon, bamboo knife, bamboo fork) + napkin.

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, Image of green bamboo forest

Sustainable and Renewable

We source our bamboo from Forest Stewardship Council or FSC certified bamboo suppliers to ensure it is sustainably grown and harvested. Bamboo is renewableand one of the fastest growing wood plants on earth, regenerating to full maturity between 3-5 years.

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, Image shows wrapped and unwrapped bamboo cutlery in a natural serving bowl with striped napkin

Natural and chemical-free

Single-use plastics are chemical based, require fossil fuels and can release harmful philates into your food. Even well-intended bio-plastic utensils (PLA) are made with a concoction of binders and additives. Our HAY! Cutlery is 100% pure bamboo and nothing else! Bamboo plants are naturally antimicrobial, antifungal, therefore do not require chemical pesticides or sprays and can be grown organically. Bamboo is also non GMO, naturally heat resistant and water-resistant, making it ideal for cutlery.

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, Image shows HAY Bamboo Cutlery and USDA Certified Biobased product offical label with 99% biobased content with seedlings growing in compost


Being all natural comes with perks, like being compostable so you can feed yourself and then feed the worms. Our Bamboo Cutlery products have been independently tested for biobased content using ASTM, D6866-20 test methods which tests carbon 14 content (bio content). Our test result was 99%. The test is within 3% accuracy. Although our product is 100% bamboo, sometimes the content can be affected by environmental factors or testing variability. The USDA BioPreffered Programhas certified us 99% bio based. The verified natural content of our product makes it suitable for home backyard composting or  it can be commercially composted through your green waste bin. Dried woods help enable the compost biome. Bamboo cutlery is easily identified as a compostable product by municipal compost facilities, unlike PLA cutlery (bioplastic), which is not yet a solution to plastic pollution, as it can be mistaken for plastic and doesn’t add any nutritional value to the compost.  

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, Picture shows man holding a case of HAY Cutlery

Ethically Sourced and Produced

We source our bamboo cutlery from suppliers who are independently audited to ensure BSCI Standards (Business Social Compliance Initiative) are being met. This verifies workers have clean, safe working conditions and fair pay.

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, Images shows HAY Cutlery box with bamboo knives and has 3 icon symbos: Plastic-free, Eco Inks, FSC certified

Plastic-free Packaging by FSC Certified Sources

After completing Quality control our Cutlery is packed into our unbleached kraft boxes, adding the final plastic-free packaging touch. We source our cardboard from suppliers who are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) and have chain of custody documents to prove their raw materials are sourced with sustainable forestry practices. We print using eco inks like soy or water based inks, UV print technology to reduce excess ink, solvents and VOCs– which makes a healthier print environment for workers and less air pollution. We use recycled cardboard wherever possible, package our wholesale cartons and shipping boxes with paper tape that can be recycled instead of all that pesky plastic tape. We’re proud to ship to our customers plastic-free.

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, Image shows meat and vegetble skewer plate with HAY bamboo cutlery on the side with hHAY cutlery set

Meets Food Safety Standards

Our Cutlery production follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Contact Safety Guidelines. Our cutlery doesn’t have any chemicals added, heavy metals or PLA’s. 

Wondering if HAY! bamboo cutlery reusable? Our bamboo cutlery is sturdy enough to be used more than once. It can  be washed and reused for personal use; however for hospitality providers it is intended as a single-use item and can be composted after use. 

HAY Bamboo Cutlery About Page, images shows two hands, one holding unwrapped HAY Bamboo Cutlery and  the other holding a packed piece of cutlery

Wrapped Cutlery vs. Unwrapped Cutlery, which is best?

Depending on your party or business needs, we have you covered (quite literally with our wrapped cutlery). Our unwrapped cutlery is more cost effective per utensil than our wrapped cutlery sets so it’s great when you only need one or two utensil types (like spoons only or knife and forks only). Available in 250 PacksandWholesale cases with 1500 single piecesof unwrapped spoons, forks or knives. Our wrapped bamboo cutlery sets are all inclusive. Each set/kit contains a bamboo fork, knife, spoon and napkin, neatly packaged in a plastic-free, paper package. Full Case - 100 sets available for wholesale.These wrapped sets are great for full service meals, take away orders or when you need the hygiene and convenience of being individually packaged.

Ready to kick plastic to the curb? Shop our site to grab acutlery packfor yourself or awholesale casefor your business. If you're looking for more reasons why HAY! Cutlery is the best eco utensil option, email us athello@haystraws.comto get in touch with a HAY! Specialist.

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