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Jumbo Straws

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Two sizes availableJumbo Tall 8" perfect for smoothies, and Jumbo Martini 6" for short glass' drinks like Bloody Mary's or frozen Margaritas. Tasteless, odorless, eco-friendly straws that are never soggy. The Jumbo straws are wider straws for thicker drinks; they're more robust versions of our Original HAY! Straws®. Available in Packs of 15 Straws or 250 Straws, and Wholesale Cases of 1500 straws.


- Inner Diameter 5-7mm.

- Plastic-free

- Durable.

- Made from Natural Plant Stems.

- 100% Biodegradable.

- Allergen-free.

- Never Soggy.

- Certified by the USDA as 100% Bio Based. 

Price Match Guarantee.


Shipping $30 per wholesale case of 1500 straws within the Continental USA*. *Extra shipping charges may apply to Hawaii, Alaska and outlying US Islands. 

** HAY! Jumbo straws are intended to be used as straws to drink liquids and should not be eaten or consumed. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
T. Olsen
Hay Straws! AWESOME!

Love the JUMBO straws! I think anytime we can use items that are good for our earth, WE SHOULD!I use them all the time! Keep up the good work to SAVE our EARTH!

Thank you for your choosing our natural options and ditching plastic straws with us Trena, Cheers!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these straws!

We had been searching for straw alternatives since our opening in 2017. Plastic straws are harmful to the environment and we've been taking steps to be more eco-friendly with everything we do. We LOOOOVE these straws, and our guests love them too! (we use the JUMBO wrapped straws :)

We LOVE that you’re making eco-friendly decisions. Our products are designed to help businesses eliminate single-use plastic straws and cutlery. And we're thrilled to know that you’re replacing plastic straws with our natural Jumbo straws. Remember that the paper wrapper and cardboard packaging are recyclable.
Thank you so much for your energy and support :)

Colleen Schroht

Jumbo Straws - 1500 Straws

Hello Colleen, thank you for your 5 star review and for trying our reed straws. Cheers!

Why not?

I’ve been using (And giving as gifts) Hay straws for 2 years now and I honestly don’t know why anyone would ever use a plastic straw again. Plastic is so 20th century! And is contributing to our endangered future. You really should try them!!

Well said Melanie! Thank you so much for your message and for ditching plastic straws.

Deborah Raab
Customer service is the best!

We have been a fan of HAY! Straws for some time now. Our most recent order solidified our commitment to them. After a warehouse mix-up of our actual order and a plea for help, because we were totally out of straws, Raul made sure that they overnighted our order and saved the day. No hassle- just pure customer service. If you haven’t tried these straws yet- DO IT. Our customers are so appreciative of them.

Sebastopol Cookie COmpany Shears
Great Straws!

Sturdy, classy, compostable, wide enough for smoothies yet not too big for other drinks..........and a great company!

David Vincent
Love me some Hay!

Great straw, great service!

C Hall
Save the turtles straw

We love these straws and I keep them in my purse so I can use them instead of plastic when dining out. I was introduced to Hay Straws at a bar in Jupiter, Florida and ordered some as so as I returned home to Atlanta. I highly recommend them.

Such a great idea keeping them in your purse. Thanks for being a world-changer and doing your part!

Lauren Harrison
Packaging needs work

These are obviously the best straws. But my wrapped jumbo straws look like tampons. It’s the same tiny yellow logos on the white packaging as you’d get in a box of Tampax lol don’t get em confused!

Hi Lauren, Gosh!! so sorry for the late reply!
Lol Note taken :) have a great weekend!

Scott C.
Amazing Product!

These straws are the best. They don’t get soggy or flimsy at all. Honestly, these straws have better structure than plastic. Perfect for tiki drinks!

Thank you Scott! Our HAY! Straws are sturdier than paper straws and have much more substance and purpose than plastic straws ;)

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