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HAY! Straws - Support Sea Turtles With Every Purchase

Support Sea Turtles with Every Purchase

Not only does your HAY! Straws purchase keep plastic straws out of the ocean, but it also helps fund our turtle adoption program. We're proud to partner with The Sea Turtle Conservatory, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to protecting sea turtles since 1959. Every month, we adopt a new turtle to ensure these beautiful creatures continue to thrive in the wild. Check out the cuties below!

Why Are Sea Turtles Important To The Marine Ecosystem?

Sea turtles help maintain the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs, promoting diversity in marine life. They are indicator species, meaning their health and population trends provide valuable insights into the overall health of marine environments. Monitoring sea turtle populations helps scientists and conservationists understand and address broader ecological issues. All sea turtle species are listed as vulnerable, with the Hawksbill, Green, and Kemp's Ridley sea turtle species being endangered or critically endangered.

The Sea Turtle Conservatory logo with two sea turtles in the background, HAY! Straws website

Join HAY! Straws in keeping single-use plastics out of the ocean by choosing compostable alternatives like our straws or bamboo cutlery. Your purchase helps protect sea turtles. If you want to learn more about protecting sea turtles, check out The Sea Turtle Conservatory site or sign up for our newsletter to get monthly turtle updates and tips.

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