Ditch Plastic - Switch to HAY!

100% Biodegradable

Made from Wheat Stems


Get to Know the HAY! Straw

HAY! Straws are single-use straws made from natural wheat, and they’re 100% plastic-free and biodegradable. Find out how making this simple switch can help put an end to plastic pollution.

Join the Straw-volution

Natural Drinking Straws

These days, eco-conscious consumers are driving change by buying more eco-friendly products. Show your customers that you’re paying attention, and swap out your plastic straws with a simple biodegradable alternative. A small change with big results!

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Small businesses struggle with implementing plastic straw alternatives

The Last Straw: Creative Strategies For Sustainable Straw Alternatives

Want to ditch plastic straws? Try sipping out of a hay stem — for real

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