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Plastic And Paper Straws Suck!
Ours Don’t.

NEW HAY! Cutlery Sets

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$65 Wholesale Case with 100 bamboo cutlery sets; HAY! Compostable cutlery is ideal for take-away service. Each set is individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience. Single unwrapped cutlery pieces NOW available in 1500 ct bulk case for businesses.

HAY! Features

The Original HAY! Straws are the best natural straws to drink out of cocktails and ice tea. Wholesale cases available: Great options for bars and restaurants looking for a more sustainable way to replace plastic straws without affecting the flavour of their drinks. HAY! Straws are natural, compostable drinking straws made from straw...yes, our straws and stirrers are made from dry wheat grass and gluten free. Test them out, email us today at hello@haystraws.com to request samples.

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Straw straws from HAY! Straws®. Yes, our drinking straws are real, wheat hay straws. Wholesale qty. start with 1500 straws. They're gluten-free, compostable and sturdy in cold and hot beverages. Embrace plastic straw bans and say hey to natural straws.

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Why Are HAY! Straws a Great Choice?

Compostable HAY! Straws® Great in hot and cold beverages, never go soggy unlike paper straws. They're disposable and 100% compostable. Our natural hay straws help your Bar, Restaurant adapt to plastic straw bans in your city.

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See What People Are Saying

"they don't go soggy in a drink like paper options, don't require cleaning like metal ones, and are completely biodegradable"

Lauren Hubbard

“Using a pure wheat byproduct, these are entirely compostable and  biodegradable.”

Dan Q. Dao

“completely biodegradable straws that can  be tossed (guilt-free) right into the compost bin”

Ian Centrone

“Straws made out of straw”

David Carrig

"They are sturdy and don't get soggy, and they don't involve raising trees (as paper does), or extracting metals from the earth"

Sarah Engler

"Airy and light in feel, they’ll upgrade your Tiki drinks."

Rachel DelRocco

“We left a drink out with a Hay! Straw in it, and five hours later the straw still wasn’t soggy"