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Are HAY! Straws® available for wholesale?

Yes, please shop our HAY! Straws Wholesale Collection online, email or call us to place a wholesale order. 


What size are the straws?

Our tall size drinking straw is 7 3/4". 

Our cocktail size drinking straw is 5".

Our Jumbo, Jumbo XL and Boba are 8".


What certifications do your products have?

Our HAY! Straws® and MABLE® bamboo toothbrushes are certyified by the USDA biobased program and we have completed all of our Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) testing to certify our products are 100% compostable. HAY! Straws fall under a food contact product and have passed all tests relating to European standard EU 10:2011. They do not contain harmful chemicals, heavy metals or contaminants. Our bamboo is FSC certified, confirming that it is sustainably grown and harvested.


Are HAY! Straws® Gluten-Free?

Yes, our straws are gluten free. Our Original Straws and stir sticks are made from the stem of a wheat plant, which typically doesn't contain gluten (that's in the grain). To be sure our customers are safe we test each batch of our straws for gluten. We are happy to report our results are negative or undetectable. The gluten Free Organization's standards for a food or product to be gluten free is under 10ppm, which ours is and we are working to get our official certification.  


Do HAY! Straws contain wheat?

Yes, Original HAY! Straws® and Stir sticks are made from the stem of the wheat plant. HAY! Straws® are not intended to be eaten or digested and should only be used as a straw to drink various liquids. Our straws are washed thoroughly three times before packing to ensure quality. Our jumbo collection is wheat and gluten free and is made of a different plant stem.  


I have allergies to hay or grass. Can I use a HAY! Straw®?

Hay and grass allergens can vary person to person, and everybody is different. If you suffer from severe allergies to hay or grass we recommend you consult your doctor or allergist before using HAY! Straws®.  


Are HAY! Straws® non GMO?

Our HAY! Straws are non GMO. Almost all wheat grown in the world is non GMO because wheat varieties can be naturally breed and does not require genetic modification to achieve desired results. Our straws are not formally certified yet but this is something we are looking to complete.  


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to most countries around the world but if you are not able to check out with your country of choice, please contact  If you are located in CanadaUK or Europe you can shop our products directly by clicking the country link. 


Can HAY! Straws® and Stir Sticks be used in hot beverages?

Yes, HAY! Straws can be used in hot and cold beverages and unlike paper, they don't get soggy. Straw is naturally water resistant so it holds up well in liquids over time. 


How do I dispose of HAY! Straws® and Cutlery?

Our straws  and bamboo cutlery are 100% natural and do not contain any coatings or waxes. They can be placed in backyard compost bins or can be composted through municipal facilities, by placing in a food scraps or compostable bin. Essentially it's like putting hay or straw in the compost. Our Original straws take just 42 days to compost!


What is the expiration of the HAY! Straws®?

If the straws are stored out of direct sunlight in a dry area, the shelf life can be upwards of 18 months. We recommend using them within 1.5 years of purchase.


What are the differences between Original HAY! Straws® and the straws in the Jumbo collection?

The straws in our Jumbo collection are longer, wider and more robust than our Original HAY! Straws®. They are 8 inches and come in 3 diamters; Jumbo 5-7 mm, XL 7-10 mm and BOBA 10-13 mm. Original HAY Straws® are made from wheat stems and best suited for thinner liquids like water, juice or soda. HAY! Jumbo Straws are made from natural reed stems and best suited for thicker viscosity drinks like milkshakes, iceblended drinks or boba tea.   


Is your packaging eco-friendly?

You bet it is. The cardboard box can go in the paper recycle bin and we're proud to offer plastic-free packaging. We print on unbleached cardboard and use a combination of UV printing or soy based inks. When purchasing from our online store we also ship plastic-free using cardboard boxes, paper gummed or paper based tapes and never plastic poly mailers!


How are your bamboo products sustainable?

For a material to be sustainable, it must be abundant and easily replaced. Bamboo is a grass that can grow up to 10 centimeters a day and reaches full maturity in 1-3 years. Once the bamboo is harvested the bamboo roots stay intact and actually regenerate new plant growth, unlike traditional forestery where trees take at least 20 years to reach maturity and once harvested destroys above and below ground eco systems. For our bamboo toothbrushes and Cutlery we use bamboo certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure it is sutainably sourced and harvested.


What are some other benefits to bamboo?

Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial which means it doesn't need pestisides or fungiside sprays to be used during the growing process. It is water-resistant, strong and 100% compostable. You can learn more about the benefits of bamboo by reading our Hay straws blog.  


Do you provide tracking information for an order?

A tracking number is emailed to the email on file after the order is shipped. Conversely you can email us at We fulfill orders Monday to Friday. We strive to fulfill your order within 24-48 hours of being placed, subject to public holidays. Please see our shipping policy for more information.


What should I do if I received a damaged product?

If you believe the product you received is defective, please email we’ll be happy to make things right. Please visit our Refund Policy page for more on returns or product exchange.


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