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HAY straws straw types including stir sticks, original hay straws, jumbo hay straws


HAY! Straws® are all natural and made from plant stems, literally a piece of wheat straw or a Reed stem. They are not a bioplastic, they are not waxed or coated but they are naturally water resistant, which means they never go soggy like paper straws. They are fully compostable, certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute and the USDA Bio Based program. Each HAY! Straw® is unique, just like our customers' needs, so we’ve sorted them into different diameters and types to fit every drink.  We’ve come up with this handy chart below to help you decide which straw or stir stick is right for you or your business. 


HAY! Straws® Guide

HAY! Straws Guide

Short stirrers for coffee, short cocktail glass: Replace plastic or wooden stirrers for these HAY! Stir Sticks. Made from the stem of a wheat plant, tested gluten-free and never soggy. Grab a full case for your business.

Stir Stick Short 5”

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Stir Stick Long 7.75”

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Long Stir Sticks, made from the stem of a wheat plant, tested gluten-free and never soggy. Grab a full case for your business today.  HAY! Long 7.75" Stir Sticks are perfect for stirring hot drinks or an iced beverage.
Straws made from straw: HAY straws’ biodegradable Cocktail 5" straws, ideal for cocktail lowball glasses, on the rocks drinks, margaritas, martinis HAY! Straws are 100% compostable and biodegradable, natural drinking straws.

Cocktail Straw 5"

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Tall Straw 7.75"

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HAY compostable Tall Straws 7.75”, perfect for highball cocktails, juices, iced coffee, soda cans or bottles. Like all our straws they are 100% biodegradable and home compostable. Available in wholesale quantities, and in home packs of 50, 100 and 500 str
NEW Jumbo Martini 6” natural drinking straw. Made from Reed stems with an inner diameter 5-7mm. A bit longer than our Cocktail straw, this short glass’ Jumbo straw pairs great with margaritas, blended ice cocktails like Frosé, Tiki inspired drinks or a ho

Jumbo Martini Straw 6"

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Jumbo Straw 8"

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Jumbo 8” are our HAY smoothie straws, great for thicker drinks that require a larger diameter than our Original HAY! Straws®. Made from all natural reed plant stems, strong, durable and 100% compostable they don’t go soggy.
Jumbo XL straws are 8" long made from reed stems. The big Jumbo XL straws are perfect for thicker drinks like crushed ice drinks, smoothies and Bloody Marys. This Jumbo with extra width, is simply the best milkshake straw. Available in Full Case 1500 ct

Jumbo XL Straw 8"

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Boba Straw 8"

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HAY Straws Boba, bubble tea Drinking Straw: 10-13mm DIA wide, natural drinking straws made from reed stems. The best plastic alternative to enjoy Bubble tea with tapioca pearls or fruit jelly toppings without clogging or lingering taste.