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What’s the Story?

While Canada and its provinces have yet to set legislation on plastic straw bans, the city of Vancouver, British Columbia is making waves as the first Canadian city to implement one of their own. Starting June 1, 2019, as part of Vancouver’s plan to eliminate solid waste by 2040, all restaurants and vendors with city business licenses will no longer be able to distribute single-use plastic straws.

Victoria is also considering a straw ban, after becoming the first British Columbian city to ban plastic bags in July of 2018. These bans are a part of the city’s effort to kick off a zero waste strategy by 2021. Edmonton, Brantford, and Toronto are reportedly also exploring options for plastic straw regulation.

Along with this handful of cities, many Canadian businesses are also adopting their own plastic straw bans, including A&W, IKEA, and Salisbury House.


How Does the Vancouver Ban Affect Me?

If you’re a restaurant or vendor with a Vancouver business license, you’re obligated to comply with the ban. If you currently supply straws that are made of a sustainable alternative—like wheat (HAY! Straws), stainless steel, paper, or bamboo—then you’re good to go: you don’t need to change anything. However, if you currently supply single-use plastic straws, you’ll be required to phase them out by June 1, 2019.

While the city is still working out the details of its enforcement strategy, a $250 fine is being considered for offenders, as revealed by spot-checks or customer complaints.


How Can I Stay Compliant?

While all Vancouver restaurants and vendors will need to stop distributing single-use plastic straws, you may continue providing straws made of a reusable or compostable alternative to plastic. HAY! Straws® made from Wheat stems are among the most natural and affordable alternatives that offer an experience similar to single-use plastic.


Why Are HAY! Straws® a Great Choice?

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