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What’s the Story?

Florida has yet to adopt a statewide ban, but many cities and towns are taking matters into their own hands, and enacting ordinances of their own. While each city’s ban may differ slightly, the overall goal is the same: to reduce plastic straw pollution, and encourage a switch to biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable straws.

The table below shows a comparison of each city’s rules for plastic straws:  

How Can I Stay Compliant?

In most cases, if your business already supplies straws that are made of a sustainable alternative—like wheat, stainless steel, paper, or bamboo—then you’re good to go: you don’t need to change anything.

For cities that have adopted the “straws upon request” rule, you can keep plastic straws in stock, but can only deliver them if a customer has asked for one first. However, you may be able to continue serving straws automatically to each customer if you switch to a reusable or compostable alternative. Some cities may adopt the “upon request” rule for any type of straw, though, so be sure to review all the details of your city’s ban.

If you choose to continue stocking single-use plastic straws, then complying with the “upon request” rule is about getting used to a new procedure. You’ll need to prepare your employees to break the habit of handing out plastic straws to every customer. Even offering one is a violation in most cities with the “upon request” ordinance—the customer must be the one to ask for the straw.

If you’re in a city that has completely banned the sale, distribution, and in some cases use of single-use plastic straws, then you’ll need to find an eco-friendly alternative straw. HAY! Straws® made from natural wheat stems are among the most natural and affordable alternatives that offer an experience similar to single-use plastic.  


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