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What’s the Story?

Colorado has successfully enacted laws targeting different types of single-use plastics and plastic waste; Colorado was the first state in the Continental USA that successfully barred local ordinances from setting plastic pollution laws. The state initiatives focus on the reduction of plastic pollution and management of  single-use plastics, including plastic straws and stirrers, utensils and plastic bags—the ubiquitous problem we can all see in polluting the environment.

The Plastic Pollution Reduction Act (HB 21-1162) was signed into law by Governor Jared Polis on July 7, 2021. It prohibits stores and retail food establishments, from providing single-use plastic carryout bags to customers. 

More comprehensive, Bill HB20-1163 concerning the Management Of Single-use Products, was enacted on November 2020. The bill prohibits stores and retail food establishments, from providing single-use plastic stirrers, single-use plastic straws, plastic carryout bags, and expanded to polystyrene food service products (collectively "single-use products") to customers at the point of sale.


How Does the Ban Affect Me?

Since July 2021, Violations to the bill are subject to a civil penalty against the owner or operator for twenty-five dollars for a second violation; or one hundred dollars for a third or subsequent violation.

The new legislation in Colorado bans plastic bags but also single-use plastic stirrers used to mix beverages, plastic stoppers that may be placed into the sipping hole of a beverage lid to prevent leaks or spills, single-use plastic straws and/or a single-use product neither intended nor suitable for multiple uses; or generally recognized by the public as an item to be discarded after one use.

Limiting the use of single-use products will mitigate the harmful effects on the state's natural resources and environment that result from disposing of these products in landfills.


How Can I Stay Compliant?

Unless otherwise prohibited by one of the city-specific bans, Colorado restaurants can continue serving straws automatically to each customer if they’re made of an alternative that’s either reusable or compostable. HAY! Straws® made from plant stems are the most natural and affordable alternatives to single-use plastic. Request samples of straws, stir sticks and bamboo cutlery.

If you haven't already, we invite you to comply with bills HB 21-1162 and HB20-1163 and break the habit of handing out plastic straws to every customer. 


Don't know what to buy?

Our hay and reed straws remain sturdy in cold and hot liquids and are ideal for the Colorado winter and seasonal events. Checkout out our product GUIDE and find your favorite straw.

Make the switch to HAY! Straws' Plant-Based disposables now. Our straws are never soggy, prices are affordable and your customers will love our unique natural products. HAY! products are BPI, USDA bio-based certified as compostable and comply with the State’s requirements to replace single-use plastic straws.

We offer wholesale pricing, coffee shops and bar favorites are the Original wheat stem straw in Tall 7.75" and Cocktail 5", and the wide Jumbo straws  for hot drinks or smoothies. Our disposable Bamboo Cutlery is perfect for restaurants, on the go meals and takeaway service.


Why Are HAY! Straws® a Great Choice?



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